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Collaborating with Asha Bhosle

Asha Bhosle (Singer) & Shyamalangan (Composer)


Shyamalangan, the conceptive, innovative master composer introduces a new genre of musical compositions into the world of light music. Following the release of his enthralling musical hits, Kiri-Kodu Hithata and Chandani Payala, His desire to meet the rising expectations of his music lovers, encouraged him to embark on his new production with added vigor. He took on the task with confidence. In his endeavor, he kept in mind his ambition to create masterpieces every time he composed.

Shyamalangan had a melody in his mind for his production and was fully confident that the new melody would touch the hearts of his fan´s across the globe. To render the soul-searching tones that he created in the new composition, He knew that, he had to search for a singer of a particular caliber. His search located with no delay, the top-notch, versatile singer and queen of pop - Asha Bhosle.

Dedunna Sedi, a conversation between lovers.

Working with a Asha Bhosle

Padma Vibushan Asha Bhosle, with over 60 years of experience in the music world to her credit, she remains a legend in the Indian film industry. She is very pleasant and accommodating in nature. Her undisputed professionalism shows when she goes into working mode. She is an uncompromising perfectionist; beliefs in understanding the lyrics and perfecting the pronunciations of the lyric to the satisfaction of the composer & lyricist before moving on to the studio for recording.