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Kiri Kodu Hithataකිරි කෝඩු හිතට

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Kiri Kodu Hithata - Shyamalangan Feat. Nirosha Virajini and BnS

உயிராய் மொழியாய் உணர்வில் நிறைந்தாய்

"Yesu Namam (1997)" - The original melody of "Kiri Kodu" was initially composed by Shyamalangan for a Tamil Church Youth Service. Its reach and popularity lead to a more commercial approach being taken with BnS, leading to the song being rearranged to fit the new narrative.

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Snippets from KiriKodu - Music Video

I had always wanted to work on a bilingual duet speaking of the love between two individuals raised in different ethnicities. At the time, multilingual songs only related to peace and unity due to the civil war.

The aim was to pique the listeners' enough to have them reach out to neighbours within the other ethnicity to help them understand. It was only an experiment at first, which was the primary reason this was not disclosed to BnS.

In addition, I was keen to work on a song that was simple enough for any listener to sing along to. I believe the song’s modesty was the key to its success.

Supporting Artists

Nilar N. Cassim Lyrics

Nilar N. Cassim

Nilar (Colombo, Sri Lanka) is an honors graduate in Sinhala language and a visiting lecturer at Sripali Mandapaya of the Colombo University. He is the Assistant Director for Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation and a member of the State Music Panel.

Nirosha Virajini Featured Vocalist

Nirosha Virajini

Nirosha (Colombo, Sri Lanka) is an award-winning singer with a career spanning over 23 years. She has sung songs in Sinhalese, English, Hindi, Malayalam, and Japanese.

Music Video

Kiri Kodu Hithara : Music Video

Artist Highlight

Nilar N. CassimNilar N. Cassim
Nirosha VirajiniNirosha Virajini
Bathiya & SanthushBathiya & Santhush


Original Script|Transliteration
  • කිරි කෝඩු හිතට ආල නුඹේ දෑස යාවුනා
    මගේ කෝල කමට ලෝල හැඟුම නුඹට පේවුනා
  • உயிராய் மொழியாய் உணர்வில் நிறைந்தாய்
    இதயம் முழுதும் இசையாய் இணைந்தாய்

  • සුපෙම් නුවන් විමසාවි රෑ දිවා
    ඔබ රූ අඳුන් දසුනින් දුරයි කියා
  • ஓராயிரம் விண்மீன்கள் கோர்த்து
    ஒரு முத்தமாய் உன் கன்னம் சேர்ப்பேன்
  • මතු මා පැතූ කිසිවක් නොවේ
    සැනසීම වේ ආදරේ

  • உன் புன்னகை என் ஸ்வாசமாகும்
    உன் பார்வையால் பெண்ணாகினேனே
  • ඔබ මේ පිදූ සේවනේම රැඳිලා
    මගේ ජීවිතේ නවතීවි පාසිනා
  • கண்ணாளனே உன்னோடு நான்
    கலந்திட வேண்டுமே
  • Kiri Kodu Hithata Aala Numbe Dasa Yavuna
    Mage Kola Kamata Lola Hanguma Numbata Pevuna
  • Uyirai Mozhiyaai Unarvil Niraindhai
    Idhayam Muzhuthum Isaiyaai Inanithai

  • Supem Nuwan Vimasaavi Raa Dhiva
    Oba Roo Andhun Dasunin Durai Kiya
  • Oraayiram Vinmeengal Korthu
    Oru Muthamaai Un Kannam Serpen
  • Mathu Maa Pathu Kisiwak Nove
    Sanaseema We Adare

  • Un Punnagai En Swasamaagum
    Un Paarvayaal Pennaginene
  • Oba Me Pidhu Sevanema Randila
    Mage Jeewithe Navatheevi Pasina
  • Kannalane Unnodu Naan
    Kalanthida Vendume


  • Composition & ArrangementShyamalangan
  • LyricsSinhala : Nilar N. Cassim
  • Tamil : Sajini Shabbir & Shyamalangan
  • Featured ArtistNirosha Virajini
  • VocalsBathiya and Santhush
  • HarmonyAshanthi De Alwis
  • Nevanthi Gunasekera
  • MusiciansPiano & Strings : Shyamalangan
  • Additional Arrangements : Mahesh Denipitiya
  • Flute : Nuwan Balasooriya
  • Acoustic Guitar : Nadeeka Jayawardene
  • AudiographyRecorded By : Shyamalangan
  • Recorded At : Sri Studio (Dubai)
  • SaReGaMa (Colombo)
  • Mixing : Shyamalangan, Bathiya Jayakody
  • Kiri Kodu is a sinhala commercial version of a Christian song 'Yesu Namam' composed by Shyamalangan in 1996.
  • Many female vocalist were auditioned before finalising Nirosha Virajini as her Tamil pronunciation was far better.
  • Kiri Kodu lead melody comprises only four notes.