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Composer Shyamalangan

Music is a known stranger

Shyamalangan is a dynamic film & song composer, improvising multi-instrumentalist and talented singer-songwriter resulting in an all-encompassing music producer. His novelty in creating exquisite and rather unique rhythms gives his audience a vivid experience. He has been a trend-setter in the Sri Lankan music industry and his work precedes his name.

Early Years

Shyamalangan was pampered by the sounds of music from his childhood. His mother is a well renowned classical and Carnatic vocalist and his father is a doctor and an ardent music lover, supported and encouraged him to excel in fine-arts.

He started composing at a very young age of 12. The Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation recorded his first composition at the age of 16. All of his compositions have been classified as A-Grade productions.

Music Style

Shyamalangan, being nurtured in Carnatic classical music, also went to learn Hindustani classical music and Western classical. His compositions have a blend of all three forms of music. He explores further to experiment with new forms of music and apply his findings to his compositions and productions.

We listen to music and express our experience using theory and technicality, but there is an extra dimension that we all feel but cannot express in words. That's the magic of music.


Shyamalangan has always known that one’s learnings are only limited by how one perceives it. He wanted to push his limits and explore beyond his capacity. He started collaborating with various musicians from the fine-arts fraternity to learn and share knowledge.

He has been the first Sri Lankan to have collaborated with artists around the world at a border scale. His collaborations bring out some of the great outputs in music and fine-arts.

Some of his collaborations are with the legendary singer Asha Bhosle. Pop singer Shankar Mahadevan, etc. He has collaborated with artists from Australia, India, Egypt, Macedonia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, and the United Arab Emirates.