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Anbe - Shyamalangan featuring Shankar Mahadevan & Rathya
Raasaathiye (ராசாத்தியே) - Shyamalangan feat. Shankar Mahadevan & Rathya
2022 December
Celebrating 10 years of 'Azhahiya Thendrale', Composer Shyamalangan releases a refix 'Raasaathiye' featuring Shankar Mahadevan and the Sri Lankan Rapper Rathya on "Raasaathiye".
Anbe - Shyamalangan featuring Srinivas
Anbe (அன்பே) - Shyamalangan feat. Srinivas
2022 January
Shyamalangan featuring Srinivas on "Anbe".
Enakke Enakka - Shyamalangan featuring Kaavya Jaishankar
Enakke Enakka (எனக்கே எனக்கா) - Shyamalangan feat. Kaavya Jaishankar
2021 August
Shyamalangan featuring Kaavya Jaishankar on "Enakke Enakka".
Voice teen performs Shyamalangan's `Sabande`
Sabande (සබඳේ) - The Voice Teen - Sri Lanka
2020 August
Voice teen finalist Erandi performs 'Sabande' with her team mentor Dumal Warnakulasuriya on 'Voice Teen : Sri Lanka'.

Wishing all contestant the very best.
Shyamalangan composes music 'for Gangs of Madras' feature film
Gangs of Madras
2019 February
Shyamalangan composes the background score (OST Themes) for South Indian feature film Gangs of Madras - A gangster flick.
Sabande - Shyamalangan with Umara and Dumal
Sabande (සබඳේ) - Shyamalangan feat. Umara Sinhawansa, Dumal Warnakulasuriya
2019 March
Shyamalangan featuring Umara Sinhawansa, Dumal Warnakulasuriya on a duet "Sabande".
Recording session with Shweta Mohan on the song Mukile
Mukile (முகிலே) - Shyamalangan feat. Haricharan Seshadri & Shweta Mohan
2018 March
Shyamalangan featuring Haricharan Seshadri and Shweta Mohan on a duet "Mukile".
Kabali-Whistle Poster
Kabali Whistle & Audio Launch
2016 June
South Indian Actor Superstar Rajinikanth's gangster movie 'Kabali' fever catches on with memes going viral.
Irudhi Suttru playlist
Irudhi Suttru - Audio Launch
2016 June
Composer Santhosh Narayanan ropes in Shyamalangan to decorate the title track "Maya Visai" with Sitar and vocals.
36 Vayadhinile film sound track list
36 Vayathinile - Audio Launch
2015 January
Shyamalangan is honored to have been credited for Orchestral Recording and 'Happy' song recording in Sydney, Australia.
Shyamalangan and Haricharan during 'Ven Megame' shooting
Ven Megame (வெண் மேகமே) - Shyamalangan feat. Haricharan Seshadri
2014 December
Ven Megame music video shooting took place in Sydney, Australia at composer Shyamalangan's residence.
Shyamalangan and Shankar Mahadevan during 'Azhahiya Thendralae' recording.
Azhahiya Thendralae (அழகிய தென்றலே) - Shyamalangan feat. Shankar Mahadevan
2012 August
Composer Shyamalangan features Indian pop idol Shankar Mahadevan collaborates with musicians from both India and Sri Lanka for a peppy folk song.

Sri Lanka's first independent music video to reach 1 million views on YouTube
Shyamalangan and Asha Bhosle during 'Dedunna Sedi' shooting
Dedunna Sedi - Released
2010 September
Composer Shyamalangan proudly presents the biggest production yet. A collaboration with the world-renowned singer 'Padma Vibushan' Asha Bhosle. Shyamalangan is the first Sri Lankan composer to have featured Asha Bhosle in the song 'Dedunna Sedi'.
Muthal Murai (முதல் முறை) - Shyamalangan feat. Gajamuhan & Aparna
2010 January
Shyamalangan releases 'Muthal Murai' - A single collaborating with Gajamugan Iyathurai & Aparna Arunachalam. Voted by radio-fans, the song tops charts in Canada and Europe.
Eanada Manida - All School Combined Choir Program
2008 December

All Schools Choir Festival and Competition - 2008'.

An annual event held in Jaffna, the main city of the Northern Province of Sri Lanka. This event, designed to encourage and promote young talent, is conducted annually to bring the youth to the fore and help them reach out to new opportunities.

Over 100 schools participate in this grand event. This year 'Ennada Manida' an inspirational song, with the song composed by the Composer Shyamalangan, was chosen from among many entries, to be sung by thousands of children on the day of the event. This choice by the sponsors from the North gave Shyamalangan a rare honor heralding a brilliant future for him.

Gratitude to mother earth.
Namaskarayen - A musical tribute to the mother-land
2008 June
Shyamalangan's mesmerizing melody 'Namaskarayen', takes the listeners on a roller coaster musical fantasy. It is a musical presentation that gave the vivacity to the song evoking feelings of patriotism in the listener's minds.
En Kaadhal Geethame (என் காதல் கீதமே) tops on 'Namma Hits' Radio Charts
2007 May
'En Kaadhal Geethame' tops the charts again. Composer Shyamalangan introduces Aishwarya, a new voice to the Sri Lankan arena along with P-N-S. The soothing musical experience makes the audience listen to it again and again.
Kandaangi (கண்டாங்கி) tops the 'Namma Hits' Radio Charts
2007 April
The hit duet 'Kandaangi' is a musical extravaganza for the youth with a touch of folk music. The love song hit the charts in 2007 on "Shakthi FM", the most popular Tamil radio station in Sri Lanka. Shyamalangan's musical composition kept the song on the 'Namma Hits' program on Shakthi FM for more than six consecutive weeks; a rare feat/record in Sri Lanka. The melody conveys love through charming musical notes. The melody, in fact, translates the feelings of love in musical notes, allowing two hearts to talk love in the language of music.
Shyamalangan composes for Ashanthi De Alwis's 1st Album
Shyamalangan composes for Ashanthi's Debut Album - True Musical Wonders
2006 September
Ashanthi, Sri Lanka's leading pop singer collaborates with Shyamalangan in her debut album. Two tracks contributed by Shyamalangan has become star hits on the album.
'Snahayen' in 'Harmony' concert
Harmony - Friends in Harmony
2005 October
'Harmony', A multicultural concert, funded by the Royal Norwegian Embassy, was held at the Bishops College Auditorium in Colombo on the 13th of October 2005. It's organized as a festival of Music and Dance wherein artistes from beyond borders were brought in to demonstrate that music as the leveler leads to unity in diversity.. 'Snehayen', a song exclusively composed by Shyamalangan featuring the leading artists in the Industry.
Shyamalangan composes for Shihan Mihiranga's 1st Album
Shyamalangan composes for 'Sirasa Super Star' fame Shihan Mihiranga
2005 August
Shyamalangan composes for 'Sirasa Super Star' Shihan Mihiranga's debut album 'Dreams for Shihan'. The entire album was rearranged and a unique listening experience was produced by Composer Shyamalangan.
    Neththara Album
    Shyamalangan composes for Neththara album
    2004 January

    Shyamalangan enters into the Sri Lankan Sinhalese listener's hearts with his 2 hit compositions 'Chandani Payala', 'Kiri Kodu Hithata', and 'Ape Gam Gode' amongst many music arrangements for other songs in the album.

    'Kiri Kodu Hithata' and 'Chandani Payala' became a household hit among the Sinhalese music lovers. Every music station broadcasted the songs and became a famous ringtone in a very short period.

    Oba Na (ඔබ නෑ අද) - Vasanthayae
    1998 August

    Shyamalangan strikes again with his new song 'Oba Na Adha' in B-N-S debut album "Vasanthaya". This song took the listeners by storm. The highlight of the song was the mastery exhibited by Shyamalangan in the Piano. The speed notes played in the piano added splendor to the song. Shyamalangan's knowledge in synthesizing and embedding technology into the music makes him the king arpeggiator.

    Eanada Manida (ஏனடா மானிடா)
    1990 August
    1990 was the year the young music Composer Shyamalangan took the Sri Lankan music lovers by storm by debuting his sensational music composition 'Eanada Manida'. The composition was a runaway success in the radio waves of Sri Lanka. Still, its success story is talked about in the music circles.