Ven Megameவெண் மேகமே

Shyamalangan and Haricharan Seshadri

எனது மனதின் வாசகி.. இதயம் நுழைந்து வா..சகி...

'Ven Megame' - An expression of youthful love, the song is packed with poetically rich and metaphoric lines penned to perfection by the talented lyricist Thava Sajitharan. The clean arrangement enthralling Haricharan's voice musically mesmerizing sweet blend of aesthetic instruments one gets tempted to listen to the track on repeat.

Video shoots in Sydney, Australia. Photo Courtesy: Dileepa Solangaarachchi

Supporting Artists

18 creative people from all around the world have come together to make this project a success.

Rajhesh Vaidhya

Rahjesh Vaidhya Rajhesh Vaidhya is a world-renowned Veena player hailing from Tamil Nadu, India. He has worked with film music composers.

Thava Sajitharan

Thava Sajitharan Thava Sajitharan is a journalist and poet based in UK. His first book of poetry 'Oliyin Malalaihal' (Progenies of Light) was published in 2006. ‘Ven Megame’ is his first enterprise as a lyricist.

Janakan Raj

Janakan Raj Janakan was initiated into the realms of Carnatic music at a tender age under the guidance of his father and guru Sri R.Suthanthiraraj, and credits his musical accolades to his father’s passion and dedication to classical music.

Kranthi Kiran

Kranthi Kiran Kranthi Kiran Mudigonda is an accomplished classically trained Violin player and hails from a family of musicians. He has also collaborated with musicians of various genres in the production of fusion albums.

Haricharan's video footage was recorded at composer Shyamalangan's residence.

Ven Megame : Music Video
Ven Megame : Music Video


  • வெண் மேகமே பொன்னானதோ
    செம்பூவிதழ் கண்ணானதோ
    செந்தாழமோ செந்தூரமோ
    பெண்மானவள் பொன்பாதமோ
    அருவிகளின் மொழி பேசிடும்
    அவள் இதழின் மணி வாசகம்
    எனது மனதின் வாசகி..
    இதயம் நுழைந்து வா.. சகி
    வானில் ஒளி வீசும் இளம் தாரகை
    நேரில் தினம் காணும் ஒரு தேவதை
    கானல் வெளிமீது புது மாமழை
    காணும் இடம்யாவும் இவள்வாசனை (எனது)
    காதல் இசைமீட்டும் எழில் யாழினி
    நாளும் எனை ஆளும் உயிர் தோழி நீ
    மாரன் உயிர் வாங்கும் ரதிதேவி நீ
    மாயம் புரிகின்ற வனமோகினி (எனது)


  • Composition & ArrangementShyamalangan
  • LyricsThava Sajitharan
  • VocalsHaricharan Seshadri
  • Creative AssistanceSharmila Shankar
  • Guest AppearanceCheryl Khurana
  • CoordinatorKausalya Shyamalangan
  • InstrumentsAcoustic Guitar : Ryan Breitkreutz
  • Bass Guitar : Shane Gamage
  • Flute : Kumara Liyanawatta
  • Strings Arrangement : Shyamalangan
  • Percussions : Janakan Raj
  • Veena : Rajhesh Vaidhya
  • Violin : Kranthi Kiran
  • AudiographyRecorded By : Shyamalangan, Lijesh Kumar
  • Recorded At : Oveyen (Sydney), Voice & Vision (Chennai)
  • Sound Design & Mixing By : Shyamalangan, Ganesh Singaram
  • Mastered By : Donal Whelan
  • VideographyConcept & Direction : Shyamalangan
  • Logo Animation : Nimal Kanth
  • Cinematography : Dileepa Solangaarachchi & Shankar Shivashankaran
  • Video Production :
  • Creative Lead : Dsolé
Thava Sajitharan
Haricharan Seshadri