Same Inside

Same Inside நாளை எங்கள் கையில் சிநேகிதனே, நாளும் மாறிடாத சிநேகிதமே

Seeking out and trusting one another is a virtue humans tends to demonstrate more than what it seems.

Supporting Artist

Bertram Charles

Bertram Charles Bertram is a Sri Lankan born talent who has captivated his audience with his mesmerizing soulful voice in world arenas. Collaborating with Charles always tends to bring out a new experience.

Ashanthi De Alwis

Ashanthi De Alwis Ashanthi is a Sri Lankan singer, rapper and songwriter who has performed in international arenas. She takes after her mother/singer Antoinette De Alwis.


  • You and I were just the same inside my friend
    But though we're common ground
    we go our different ways
    Cos I understand the point your trying to make
    We can get along with compromise my friend
    I got to trust in you when I don't know the way
    You got to trust in me believe me when I say
    I'm here to hold your hand if you should lose the way
    You got to trust in me believe me when I say
    I hope you'll be there too if I suppose someday

  • පාට දේදුනු පායන අහස සිනා සැලුවා
    හීනන හීන යායක කුරුළු හඬක් ඇහුනා
    පාට පාටෙදී ලෝකය මිතුරු කමින් වෙලුනා
    යාලුම යාලු හිත් වල සුවඳ මලක් පිපුනා
    මුලු ලෝ නාද වූ දා හිත සාරයි
    මිතු දම් පාලු වූ දා ලොව භිතයි

  • வான் மேகங்கள் பொழியும் மழையில்
    சேர்ந்தே நனைத்திடலாம்
    விண்ணில் மின்னும் மின்மினி பூச்சிபோல்
    வானைநாம் வலம்வரலாம்
    என் தோழனே எங்கள் வாழ்க்கையின் பாதைகள் மாறிடலாம் எம் தோழமை என்றும் வாழுமே பிரிவதை மறந்திருந்தால்
    நாளை எங்கள் கையில் சிநேகிதனே
    நாளும் மாறிடாத சிநேகிதமே


  • Composition & Arrangement
  • Shyamalangan
  • Lyrics
  • English : Bertram Charles
  • Sinhala : Nilar N. Cassim
  • Tamil : Amalan Umapathysivam
  • Vocals
  • Ashanthi De Alwis
  • Bertram Charles
  • Bathiya and Santhush
  • Umara Sinhawansa
  • Umaria Sinhawansa
  • Shamir Cader
  • Shyamalangan
  • Audiography
  • Recorded By : Shyamalangan
  • Mixed By : Shyamalangan, Sachith Peiris
  • Mastered By : Sachith Peiris
  • Recorded At : Sri Studio (Dubai), SaReGaMa (Colombo)
  • Instruments
  • Programing : Shyamalangan
  • Acoustic & Electric Guitars : Nalin Samath
Bertram CharlesBertram Charles
Nilar N. CassimNilar N. Cassim
Amalan SivamAmalan Sivam
Ashanthi De AlwisAshanthi De Alwis
Umara SinhawansaUmara Sinhawansa
Umaria SinhawansaUmaria Sinhawansa
Bathiya & SanthushBathiya & Santhush
Shamir CaderShamir Cader