Enakke Enakkaஎனக்கே எனக்கா

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Enakke Enakka (எனக்கே எனக்கா) - Shyamalangan Feat. Kaavya Jaishankar Enakke Enakka (எனக்கே எனக்கா) - Shyamalangan Feat. Kaavya Jaishankar

வருவாய் வானமேக மழையாய் மழையாய்

Love struck heart beats in union with their loved oned. 'Enakke Enakka' speaks of one's yearning for the presence of their loved one.

Composer Shyamalangan had been working on multiple projects to highlight new talent. A vocalist from Australia, 40 piece string orchestra in Macedonia, Wind Instruments in India and Steel Slide Guitars from London were assembled to work together through the pandemic.

The notion that music can survive even at the darkest of times was something I have always heard before, working on this song during the pandemic with talent that was passionate about our work really drove that thought home.

We lost many within the musical fraternity to this Pandemic. We will always miss you as your music lingers on in our hearts. This is a tribute to you, thank you for your music.

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Strings Session recording by FAME's Symphonic Orchestra (Macedonia) & Video Shoot (Sydney, Australia)

Featured Artist

Muthamil Lyrics


Muthamil (Chennai, India), A veteran poet who has written over 80 songs for the Tamil film industry over the years. His congeniality made working on this project effortless.

Kaavya Jaishankar Vocals

Kaavya Jaishankar

Kaavya (Sydney, Australia), a trained singer across both Western and Eastern styles. Her passion for ballads and film music has encouraged her versatility.

Kalyani Nair Additional Strings Score

Kalyani Nair

Kalyani (Chennai, India), An enthusiastic musician who has written scores for over 30 movies and multiple music productions. Her musical talent is incomparable and she has worked with many talents honing her skill.

Srutti Sureshan Slide Guitar

Srutti Suresan

Srutti (London, UK), a medical doctor by profession, is a versatile singer and a multi-instrumentalist. She has rendered her impression with a slide-guitar in Carnatic-music transforming the aesthetics of the song.

Ramya Kuganathan Cinematography & Editing

Ramya Kuganathan

Ramya (Sydney, Australia), A health line worker with a passion for cinematography. Her love for telling stories lead to her travelling during the pandemic lockdown easements to multiple locations to capture stunning visuals.

Nimal Kanth Color Grading & Visual Effects

Nimal Kanth

Nimal (Melbourne, Australia), a cinematographer and entrepreneur running his own Visual Media Studio catering to the Melbourne mainstream units. His eye for visual presentation is always praised by his peers.

Music Video

Enakke Enakka : Music Video
Enakke Enakka : Music Video
40 Strings - F.A.M.Es Orchestra Macedonia
40 Strings - F.A.M.Es Orchestra Macedonia

Artist Highlight

Kaavya JaishankarKaavya Jaishankar


Original Lyrics|Transliterate
  •  எனக்கே.. எனக்கா.. நீ வேண்டும்.. நீ வேண்டும்..
     இதயம் முழுதும் உருகும் நானும் உனதே
     விழிகளிலே அரும்புகிறாய் விரும்புகிறேன் நீயும் எனதே
     பிரியாதே பிழையும் அழகே
     உறங்காதே எனது மனமே
     வருவாய் வானமேக மழையாய் மழையாய்

  •  நிலவினில் உணரும் குளிராக வா
     நினைவினில் படரும் கனவாக வா
     தனிமையில் தொடரும் நிழலாக வா
     தளிரென மலரும் மலராக வா
     விதிகளை மறந்தே, விடுதலை பெறுதே..
     மறுமுறை பிறந்தால்
     தீரா காதல் தேடி வா வா
     பொழிவேன் நாளும் கூடி மழையாய் மழையாய்

  •  தொலைவினில் உருகும் மெழுகாகிறேன்
     விலகிய நொடியே சிலையாகிறேன்
     உலையினில் தவழும் அனலாகிறேன்
     உயிருடன் நகரும் உனதாகிறேன்
     அலையென திரிந்தேன், கனவினில் மிதந்தேன்
     அருகினில் அழைத்தேன்
     போகா தூரம் போவோம் வா வா
     விழுவோம் நாளும் நாமும் மழையாய் மழையாய்
  •  Enakke.. Enakka.. Nee Vendum.. Nee Vendum
     Idhayam Muzhudhum Urugum Naanum Unade
     Vizhigalile Arumbugirai Virumbugiren Neeyum Enadhe
     Piriyaadhe Pizhaiyum Azhage
     Urangaadhe Enadhu Maname
     Varuvaai Vaana Mega Mazhayaai Mazhayaai

  •  Nilavinil Unarum Kuliraaga Vaa
     Ninaivinil Padarum Kanavaaga Vaa
     Thanimayil Thodarum Nizhalaga Vaa
     Thalirena Malarum Malaraaga Vaa
     Vidhigalai Maranthe, Viduthalai Perudhe..
     Marumurai Pirindhaal
     Theeraa Kaadhal Thedi Vaa Vaa
     Poliven Naalum Koodi Mazhayaai Mazhayaai

  •  Tholaivinil Urugum Mezhugaagiren
     Vilagiya Nodiye Silaiyaagiren
     Ulaiyinil Thavalum Analaagiren
     Uyirudan Nagarum Unathagiren
     Alaiyena Thirinthen, Kanavinil Midhanthen
     Aruginil Azhaithen
     Pooga Thooram Povom Vaa Vaa
     Vizhuvom Naalum Naanum Mazhayaai Mazhayaai


  • Composition & ArrangementShyamalangan
  • LyricsMuthamil
  • VocalsKaavya Jaishankar
  • ThanksAndy Singh
  • Arushna Michael
  • Kausalya Shyamalangan
  • Santhosh Narayanan
  • Vatsan & Ramya Srivathsan
  • MusiciansOcarina, Susato and Penny Whistles : Navin Iyer
  • Slide Guitar : Srutti Suresan
  • Strings Arrangement : Shyamalangan & Kalyani Nair
  • Strings Orchestra : F.A.M.E.'S Symphonic Orchestra
  • Orchestra Coordinator : Andrew T Mackay
  • AudiographyRecorded At : Oveyen by Shyamalangan (Sydney)
  • Vatsan Home by Santhosh Narayanan (London)
  • Mixing & Mastering : R.K.Sundar (Prism Studio - Chennai)
  • VideographyCinematography & Editing : Ramya Kuganathan (Dioscuri Photography)
  • Color Grading & VFX : Nimal Kanth (Tazmography, Fictiv)
  • Album Cover : Lahiru Hettiarachchi
  • ProductionOveyen (Australia)
  • 'Enakke Enakka’ was intended to be a mini theme, which evolved into a full length single, voiced by Kaavya every time the structure changed.
  • Audio recording of a real heart-beat was used for the rhythm pattern.
  • Rarely used wind-instruments were recorded to experience a different tone.
  • Blue-Mountain video-shooting had unexpected drizzles coinciding with the lyrics.

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