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Oveyen is production-house that has successfully produced many international projects. The company started as a pet project by Composer Shyamalangan for his own productions, but later ventured into a full fledged production house catering various services to projects worldwide.

Here are some of the highlights.


Gangs of MadrasGangs of Madras 2019
Vada ChennaiVada Chennai2018
Jil Jung JukJil Jung Juk2016
Irudhi SuttruIrudhi Suttru2016
36 Vayadhinile36 Vayadhinile2015


Shyamalangan feat. Shankar Mahadeven, Rathya : RaasaathiyeRaasaathiye
Shyamalangan feat. Srinivas : AnbeAnbe
Shyamalangan feat. Kaavya Jaishankar : Enakke EnakkaAzhahiya Thendrale
Shyamalangan feat. Shankar Mahadevan : Azhahiya ThendralaeAzhahiya Thendrale
Shyamalangan feat. Haricharan : Ven MegameVen Megame
Shyamalangan feat. Haricharan, Shweta Mohan : MukileMukile