Yesu Namam
இயேசு நாமம்

Yesu Namam

"Yesu Namam" was composed by Shyamalangan in 1994 for a "Youth Service" at CSI Church, Sri Lanka. With the almightly's blessings, the song became an instant hit amongst the youth and started to reach other church in Sri Lanka.

Christian Album

A christian album was in the making following the success of the Yesu Namam, but due to insifficient funds the album was never launched. Most of the songs were redone in the commercial space.


Wesley Rajamanie

Wesley Rajamanie was the Choir Master at the Christ Church (Galle Face), Sri Lanka. He reached out to Shyamalangan to sing the song at his Christmas service.

Wesley Rajamanie appoached me to get permission to use Yesu Naamam for his Church's Christmas service. During that brief relationship he realised that I was looking for funds to recording. He on his own loaned me the initial amount for the recording which I later paid back.

I looked aorund for a producer to release the songs in a CD. But I wasn't successful in finding a sponsor.

Making of Kiri Kodu

In 2004, 'Yesu Namam' was redone as Kiri Kodu for a commercial album and featuring Sri Lankan pop idol Nirosha Virajini with Bathiya and Santhush. The song became an instant hit and celebrated around world for the blend of music flavors.


  • இயேசு நாமம் தினம் கூறி போற்றி பாடுவோம் பாசம் நேசம் தினம் வாழ சேர்ந்து பாடுவோம்
    அருளின் மழையாய் உலகில் பிறந்தாய் இருளில் ஒளியாய் உலகில் மலர்ந்தாய்

    என் ஜீவனே எந்நாளும் பாடும்
    உன் பாதையே என் தேடலாகும்
    மண் மீதிலே எண்ணங்கள் மாறும்
    உன் மீதிலே எம்காதல் தீரும்
    எந்நாளுமே உன்னொடுநான் வளர்த்திட வா
    நெஞ்சொடுதான் எம் சோகம் வாடும்
    துன்பத்திலே எம் ஆவி வாழும்
    போராடுவோம் உம்மோடு வாழ
    என் உள்ளமோ உம்மோடு சேரும்
    கலக்கமோ மறைந்தது மலர்ந்திட வா


  • Composition & Arrangement
  • Shyamalangan
  • Lyrics
  • Shyamalangan
  • Vocals
  • Sivakumar M
  • Audiography
  • Recorded By : Shyamalangan
  • Recorded At : TakeOne (Colombo)
Sivakumar MSivakumar M