Eano Eano
ஏனோ ஏனோ

I composed the BGM (Back Ground Music) for a crime-drama for one of our school functions. The feedback I received was unusually pleasent that made my twist it into a melancholy song. I made my mum sing it.. why? well, she is a carnatic singer and I wanted to hear voice in another dimension.


  • ஏனோ ஏனோ மனதினில் ஏனோ
    காதலது வருகின்றதோ
    உடலிருந்தும் உயிரிருந்தும் இறந்திடவே வருகின்றதோ


  • Composition & Arrangement
  • Shyamalangan
  • Vocals
  • Arunthathy Sri Ranganathan
  • Lyrics
  • Sridhar Pichaiyappa
  • Audiography
  • Recorded By : Shyamalangan, Indra Vansa
  • Recorded At : SLBC - Studio 1
  • Meta Info
  • BPM : 100
  • Pitch : E
  • Time Signature : 4/4
  • Duration :
  • Related Track : Oba Na Adha
Sridhar PichaiyappaSridhar Pichaiyappa
Arunthathy Sri RanganathanArunthathy Sri Ranganathan