Music is a known stranger

Sri Shyamalangan is a dynamic composer, improvising multi-instrumentalist and talented singer-songwriter resulting in an all-encompassing music producer. His work precedes his name.

His name SHYAMALANGAN derives from the Karnatic Raga Shyamalangi, and his colleagues and the Sri Lankan Music industry knows him as SRI.

Early Life

Sri was pampered by the sounds of music from the childhood. His mother "Dr. Kalasoori. Arunthathy SRI Ranganathan" a well renowned musician herself and father Dr. P. SRI Ranganathan were his sources of inspiration. His mother is a well know vocalists in Sri Lanka and the world over amongst the music lovers of classical and Karnatic music.

Sri adds his name to the list of trend setters in the Sri Lankan music by changing conventional rhythms and adding his own unique styles of melodies. His novelty in creating exquisite and rather unique rhythms gives his audience an experience that will linger in their hearts forever.


For Sri Music is a known stranger. He knows it well but keeps exploring something every day. The limits to the exploration are unlimited he says, the signature trait of musical geniuses!